About us

AIMS offers premium trading products and services with transparency and innovative trading technology.

Company Vision

“We Take Your Trading Experience To The Next Level”

AIMS is dedicated to creating the best trading environment for retail traders by offering superior spreads, execution and service. AIMS is dedicated to maintaining open and transparent communication with our clients based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity.

Brand Development


In March 2022, AIMS received Derivatives Broker Licence number 035 from Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).


Cambodia and Dubai sales office were established in July 2021.

www.aimsfx.com was revamped in July 2021 in celebration of AIMS’ 6th Years of Success and the Weekly Economic Outlook was introduced in June 2021 as part of an ongoing improvement service.

In February 2021, AIMS established India, Japan, Korean sales team to continue its expansion into Asian markets.


AIMS established Malaysia and Vietnam sales team and offices in Dec 2020 as AIMS continue its reach in the Southeast Asia market.


In June 2019, AIMS was awarded "The Best Brokerage for Fund Safety" in the 3rd Zhengzhou Finance exhibition in China.


In July 2018, AIMS was awarded "The Most Reliable Platform for Investors" in the Shanghai Global Investment summit.

In June 2018, AIMS was awarded "The Best Brokerage for Fund Safety" in the Global Forex exhibition.


In October 2017, AIMS was awarded "The Most Trusted Brokerage by Investors" in the 4th Financial Billboard in Shanghai, China.

In February 2017, AIMS kickstarted a Professional Indemnity Scheme where every client’s trading account is insured USD2 Million.


In June 2016, AIMS was awarded "Best Fund Security in Asia-Pacific 2016 and "The Most Reliable and Trusted Forex Platform Award 2016” in China.


AIMS was founded in 2015 and established its First Representative Office in Shenzhen, China on Dec 2015.